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Real Estate Brokerage, Demetrios Salpoglou Lecture at Boston University

Demetrios Salpoglou lecturing business students at Boston University in Spring 2013. “Full disclosure” was a featured topic. Students learned agency tips and insights towards becoming a successful real estate agent in a very active Boston market.

Demetrios Salpoglou was studying environmental science and political science at American University, as he honed his business acumen, leading to an in-depth understanding of East Coast real estate business practices. Practicing his skills during the dot-com era of the Internet in the early nineties and through the dot-com bust, Demetrios learned to adapt quickly.

As CEO of several successful real estate companies in BostonBoston Pads, Demetrios Salpoglou continues to spend large amounts of time creating efficiencies through all levels of organizational models with a mixture of technological and layman’s terms.

Boston Pads · Demetrios Salpoglou

Bigger and Better Real Estate Data – Boston Pads Landlord Network Hits 16,000 Records – Demetrios Salpoglou

Boston Pads, New England’s premier real estate portal, surpasses 16,000 landlord contacts in their immense apartment database.

Boston Pads, the premier online real estate information portal for the Greater Boston area, recently surpassed 16,000 landlord records in its real-time database.

This robust and ever-growing resource offers renters, sellers and buyers the most accurate and current data available in New England. Boston Pads achieves comprehensive coverage of its real estate listings online through a multi-pronged data aggregation approach.

Boston Pads

A group of over 80 websites leverage the company’s powerful technologies and share all of Boston Pads’ real estate and apartment listings. They have over 156,000 listings of Boston apartments in their database, and those same listings are also syndicated across the widest and most popular online real estate services and social media platforms, providing landlords the most comprehensive marketing coverage for their apartment vacancies and real estate listings. Four real estate companies, Boardwalk Properties, Nextgen Realty, Jacob Realty and Douglass Paul Real Estate work in concert to help fuel the database with the most current landlord records, rental listings and other useful data. also deploys paid staff on a daily basis to assist in data integrity and accuracy.

This is a historic milestone for our team and places us squarely as the largest and most accurate real time real estate database in the Greater Boston Area,” says Demetrios Salpoglou, CEO of Boston Pads LLC. “With over 514,000 pictures and 39,850 galleries in our real time database, we have more graphical and quantitative data so that consumers and landlords can make the most empowering decisions.

Powered by a dedicated team of over 150 local real estate professionals, landlords have easy access to local experts who can swiftly price rentals, fill apartments and buy and sell with greater ease and accuracy. The team works diligently to call on local landlords to ensure all listings are kept up-to-date and accurate.

Sellers can also tap into this team of agents and professionals to ensure their home listings achieve the widest possible reach online. The collection and dissemination of key data points simultaneously empowers Boston home seekers with a simple, yet powerful way to browse listings and find exactly what they need.


A constant stream of up-to-date information within the largest network of property owners gives both landlords and renters an unparalleled view of the local Boston real estate scene. As more landlords plug into the database every day, it will become more of a necessity for anyone connected to the local market.

The Boston Pads mission is to provide landlords, renters, buyers, sellers, investors and real estate agents with the most accurate, timely and comprehensive local real estate data and tools for finding and procuring apartments, houses, investment properties and condos. Experienced real estate agents stand ready and utilize this data and technology to assist clients with buying, selling and renting properties of all types.

Demetrios Salpoglou - CEO of Boston Pads

Boston Pads Owned by Demetrios Salpoglou, has proudly served landlords, renters, buyers and sellers with the richest collection of home, apartment and condo listings since 2003. Real estate companies in any national city can use Boston Pads suite of innovative software services to succeed in their local market with scalable technology and custom digital tools that provide an edge over the competition. The company is headquartered in Boston.